Cabernet Sauvignon:

Malk Family Vineyard

Situated directly below the home of owners Brian and Nancy, Malk Family Vineyard lies adjacent to the Fay Vineyard at the base of the Palisades, edging the valley floor on the eastern slopes of the Stags Leap District. Surrounded by a mixture of live oak and black oak trees, the vineyard property begins with a gentle slope at the base, rising dramatically to the Palisades in the background. The vines on this two acre vineyard are bilateral cordon and unilaterally trained on a vertical trellis system. The property was purchased in 1997 and is farmed with meticulous, hands-on care. Low yields and a philosophy to produce as a winegrower, ensure the fruit is of the highest quality from vintage to vintage.


Sauvignon Blanc Varietal:


Ryan's Vineyard

Located on the Oak Knoll District in the heart of Napa Valley, Ryan's Vineyard named after owner George Verhey's son is the source for our much loved Sauvignon Blanc. This vineyard produces consistent wonderful fruit from 15 year old vines.

- Napa Valley Appellation

- Vine Age: 15 Years

- 25 Vine Acres

- Alluvial Soils


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